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Manufacturing Support Service

We have been doing our contract business for a long time, mainly of process work contract with various customers.
We will provide our service of high level technology to meet with your further requests.

Nissan Office

For fifty years we have been doing our contact of package process service; production, packaging, processing, inspection, assembling, delivering. No accident No disaster is our motto with which we get high evaluation from our customer in Nissan Yokohama.

Packaging and Inspection for Overseas products

Mold product packaging Mold product packaging Mold product inspection Mold product inspection

Distribution and Cleaning

Distribution Distribution Cleaning Cleaning

processed Engine Inspection and Distribution

processed Engine Inspection and Distribution Engine Block Distribusion Engine Block Packaging Engine Block Packaging

Engine Assembling, Supporting process 

Assembling parts Picking Assembling parts Picking Assembling parts Picking Assembling parts Picking

Kounosu Office

We have been developed together with our customer, UD Mold Department. We had contract service of Mold metal fusion, process, finishing, inspection service. In UD assembly factory, we have been doing contract work of quality checking and, Correcting work, for Engine parts.

Mold Products, Engine; Dissolution, Disassembly, Finishing, Inspection, Distribution

Mold Dissolution Work Parts throwing process Finishing Check Distribution
Mold Finishing Mold Inspection    

Assembly Factory Supplier Products, Quality Checking, Correcting Work

Supplier Parts Quality Checking Supplier Parts Quality Checking    

Ageo Office

Under the guidance of Saisan Corp. our professional member group, holding the national license, are doing important work, such as container inspection, gas filling, and maintenance work at the GAS ONE PARK AGEO, one of the biggest LPG Center in Japan.

LPG Container, Inspection and Filling Work

Gas ond park Ageo Container Inspection Container Inspection Painting
LPG Filling LPG gas container finished product    

Tochigi Office

The Shot Peening, Finishing, and Quality check for the Mold products (iron and aluminum) are done at our own factory.. The finishing products are distributed by our own truck (12T). Also various work are done in the Nissan Tochigi Plant premises such as entrance check, correction finishing and inspection k of door inner of Nissan GTR, ALCORE.

Mold Product Finishing Process

Manhole cover finishing Manhole cover finishing    

Automotive Parts Correction and Finishing

Correction and finishing Correction and finishing    

Door Inner Correction and Inspection

Correction and Inspection Correction and Inspection Door Inner Finished Products  

Oil Tube maintenance and cleaning

We have contract service of maintenance of samples for High quality Engine Oil, lubricant, additive or solvent disposal, container cleanings.
We maintain hundreds of liquids and take part in the quality maintenance.

Oil Tube cleaning work in the lubricant factory

Warehouse cleaning and sample maintenance Warehouse cleaning and sample maintenance Laboratory Cleaning Laboratory Cleaning
Laboratory Cleaning Laboratory Cleaning    
Manufacturing Support Service Building Maintenance Service Hospital Building Cleaning Service Equipment・Designing・Construction Service
Office Locations We will provide qualified service with excellent skill and a lot of experience to meet your various requests.
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